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4:36 When we drop-tested the, it wound up. When we drop-tested the, the 'shatterproof' screen survived -- but its shiny aluminum edges. Essential performed its own drop tests and claims the phone survived without blemish. That wasn't our result. Essential But what about the new, from Android co-founder Andy Rubin? With a titanium frame, a ceramic back that shouldn't crack as easily as glass, and a shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass 5 screen, we were optimistic that the new Essential PH-1 could take a beating better than the competition.

Audio Tester Crack

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Msc Adams 2013 License Crack there. And Essential's own claims certainly didn't hurt: the titanium frame 'doesn't scratch, dent or bend,' and that it can survive a drop onto solid concrete without a single blemish. 'That's why you won't find an area for phone cases on our site,' Essential wrote.

So we put that to the test. The Odd Couple Zip Gnarls Barkley. Hip-height drop To simulate the all-too-common experience of trying to put your phone in a pocket or purse -- and badly missing your intended target -- we dropped the Essential Phone from 3 feet (roughly 1 meter) onto solid stone. According to Essential's claim, the phone should have survived without so much as a mark. Even after a single drop, we saw a permanent scuff on the titanium frame -- and a nasty ding in the plastic rim around the screen, too. Are you sure we won't want a case for this phone, Essential? Essential uses a titanium frame for enhanced durability.