Casio Lk-40 Midi Driver

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Mio MIDI USB adapter issues I've wanted to incorporate midi keyboard effects into my home recording for a while, but I was a little cash strapped and decided to go to cheap route. I bought a used keyboard, a Casio LK-40 (it's probably over 10 years old, but works great), and a Mio 1 in 1 out USB to MIDI adapter to connect it to my laptop and Sonar.

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Casio Midi Driver

However, I've had problems setting up the device properly. Dll Tool Keygen. When I try to select mio as in the input and output device in the sonar midi options, sonar crashes. If I only select Mio as the input device, and select Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as the output, which is the only other output option besides 'none,' I can see the keyboard register on the recording track, but I can't hear any sound. Am I missing something? Is my keyboard just too old? Is Mio not Sonar friendly? What the heck am I doing wrong?