Clevo M57ru Windows 7 Drivers

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Clevo M57ru Windows 7 Drivers

Cross post from the m57ru thread. Not sure if anyone visits frequently anymore. I bought this computer mid-2008, and installed win7 about 4 years ago. It was a huge pain to find compatible drivers back then but I found enough to meet my needs, albeit some of the more insignificant hardware hasn't been used. More recently, I have reinstalled win7 and am having a terrible time, yet again, with the drivers. I believe I was able to get some vista drivers to work. I tried all webcam drivers on the clevo site for this model but none have worked for me.

Can anyone help me out with this issue? Am I better off reinstalling Vista and using the driver disk (which is absolutely no help to me with this newer OS)? Someone in the m57ru thread mentioned that they had all of the win7 drivers for this model. I was not able to contact this user. Lil Ugly Mane Three Sided Tape Volume One Zip here.

The Clevo website is a good place to start: Info on the Intel website, if this is the right chip, is really not encouraging as the ReadMe says you must either put the.INF file in a WinPE install package to install Win 7/Server 2008 R2 if Win 7 does not find any storage media. There is also info on how to install afterwards. And the AMD site states you must get Win 7 video drivers from the manufacturer. If you have found other places on the internet where people have installed Win 7 on this model laptop, then you need to get with them and ask them how they did it. Basically you have a system that is at least 6 years old for which Win 7 has no included support. Epson Tm T82 Printer Driver. You are on your own on getting the system setup as the manufacturer/vendor has elected to not provide Win 7 support for your system.