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DBF Managerâ„¢, the official site. Ncplot Keygen Torrent. The convenient and feature-rich DBF file structure has survived for decades despite the ever-increasing rate of progress in the world of information processing. There is a need for a compact dbase viewer and editor that will cope with the rich functionality of the well-established dBase and XBase formats by offering rapid and reliable on-the-fly access to the data and its structure. Enter DBF Manager! The advanced data management solution for all DBF database users that is packed with features usually found only in top end software.

The built-in dbf editor of DBF Manager offers safe and secure access to the internals of the dbf file format that is generated by a variety of applications including Clipper, dBase and Visual FoxPro. The wealth of sophisticated features includes complete support for data structure modification as well as comprehensive data editing and search-replace features that are carefully tailored to suit the data type of interest. Cinematic Strings 2 Rapidshare. If, for example, the data type is date then a calendar display will offer convenient date editing features. The memo viewer doubles up as a memo editor and the appropriate data types will automatically appear in an edit memo field. Common index searching combined with an ultra fast text search algorithm results in lightning speed data searches in any selection of database fields.