Digitech 2120 Patch Editor

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Digitech 2120 Patch Editor

Alexplorer's Axe Hacks: Digitech 2120 patches Digitech 2120 patches The following are patches for use on the Digitech 2120 processor. These will work on other units as well, although there are some compatibility issues. Mikrotik Routeros V6.0 X86 (level 6 License) Vmware Image. For more about this, see Bruce James' indispensable and documentation.

These are the same patches of mine featured on the, only they have been edited to be made compatible with the 2120. About the patches Some of these programs are different edits of the same patch, cases where I was trying out a different settings but didn't want to overwrite my original patches. One Karaoke 2 Serial Number.

As such, some of the names are repeated, although more often than not, the actual patches are noticeably different, usually in the preamp/EQ settings. You will find an overwhelming emphasis on a few guitarists (e.g., Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton). These happened to be who I was listening to predominantly when I was tweaking these settings. However, many of the variations depart from the signature sound of these players, so you will probably find some surprises.