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Gospel Organ Drawbar Settings

The drawbars on a console Hammond or the clonewheels can be a source of much confusion. They are also sometimes called tonebars, and they are used to shape the sound. Each drawbar is marked with a number in feet.

As an example, the first (brown) drawbar is marked 16′. Soal Toeic Dan Pembahasan Pdf To Word. This terminology is borrowed from pipe organ technology, where this number actually describes the length of the pipe that is used to get a certain tone. Lightroom 5 Time Lapse Templates Free on this page.

Every drawbar has 8 settings, which indicate how much of a particular drawbar’s tone is added to the final signal, with 1 being the softest, and 8 being the loudest. When the drawbar is pushed in all the way, no sound from this drawbar is used in the final sound. On a console, you will have 5 groups of drawbars, two for the lower manual and two for the upper manual, each of which consist of 9 drawbars, and one for the bass, which has two drawbars. Drawbar colors There are three different colors on the drawbars, brown, white and black.