Floppy Disk Emulator Software

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Floppy Disk Emulator Software

The Gotek USB Floppy Emulator can replace different kind of floppy disk drive and allows you use USB stick memorys instead floppy disks. The Black version of Gotek is available.

This floppy emulator is flashed with the last FlashFloppy firmware for Amiga/Atari/Amstrad/Acorn/IBM-PC, or the HxC firmware for Amiga, Amstrad CPC 6128, Atari ST, and Sinclair Spectrum +3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Wii Pal Torrent there. Card Rescue Mac Serials there. New version with two LEDs. A Green LED indicates disk access, and a red LED indicates disk changes. On the Amiga, the Atari ST, and the Amstrad CPC 6128, you can select the floppy image files through the comfortable. Once done the computer restart on the first image selected. In the actual version you can select up to 999 images on the 3 digits display.

The package includes a Gotek USB floppy emulator drive (with the 34pin standar IDC floppy connector), and flashed with the last firmware from FlashFloppy or HxC. Note: USB stick memory is not included (available as option).

SB-Floppy Software. The USB Pen Drive can contain a library of 100 'Virtual Floppy Disks', each of them with the capacity of 1,44 Mb, selectable by the switches.

Manual not included. For more information or a guide to use it, please visit the or the. External floppy drive adapter for Amiga computers (available as option).

Add a second drive to your Amiga! Compatible with Gotek and HxC floppy drive emulators. External floppy drive adapter for Amiga computers. Suitable for GOTEK and HxC floppy drive emulators. Connect this interface between the rear external DB23 interface port of your Amiga and the GOTEK or the HxC floppy emulator. The unit will show on Workbench as a genuine DF1.