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Computer Science Multiple Choice questions and answers with explanations and examples. Processes, Operating System, Database Management System. (2 points) Which of the following paging algorithms is most likely to be used in a virtual memory system? Weinbach Piano Serial Numbers. Often change dramatically between different releases of an operating system. Torrent Office 2007 Ita Cracked. Protect kernel data. 1% partially correct answers, and may not get full credit for answers without any work. Aug 23, 2017 - Learn operating system multiple choice questions answers for various academic and competitive exams.

Syllabus covered in this section is- • Main functions of operating systems • Multiprogramming, multiprocessing and multitasking • Memory Management- Virtual memory, paging, fragmentation • Concurrent Processing: Mutual exclusion, Critical regions, locks and unlock. • Scheduling: CPU scheduling. I/O scheduling, Resource scheduling • Deadlock and scheduling algorithms. • Banker's algorithm for deadlock handling. Hospital Management System Project In Php Source Code Free Download.