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R4i Gold Plus Kernel update. R4i Gold Plus V3.0 kernel update on July 11th. Wic Reset Key Free Download there. 1、Games 6148-6203 are fixed. 2、Update the cheat database. Special Note: 1、In individual game, you need to close the soft reset to enter the game normally, and you can turn off the soft reset and try again. In the official 5821 tested games, there. Irecovery Iphone Download Free there. Have you downloaded the latest kernel for your R4i Gold Plus from r4ids.com? Here is the link: Then you can update using my Latest DAT Update: RetroGameFan DAT Update v7.03 6563.2 Just extract to your PC and copy/replace the following 4 files from the DAT. Upload the newest AR cheat data base, then copy the 'usrcheat.dat' file to'R4iMenu' file. English kernel download instruction. R4I GOLD PLUS Kernel Installation.

Q8: How to enable game cheating? Answer: First highlight the NDS ROM you want to apply the cheats to. Fuji Box 9100 Hyper Software Download. Second, press the B button to go into the cheats options menu and checkmark each cheat you want to enable.

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