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Hello can some one please make a Blood mod add a trigger when a soldier dies or is hit with a melee weapon so we get some blood on the. Home › Total War: Shogun 2. Subscribe to download GBJ Blood Mod: The Original. Mod changes the texture of blood for Total War: Shogun 2 - GBJ Blood Mod: The Samurai Blood.

Blood is not included in the main game so they can get a lower rating and sell the same version everywhere. Total War games never had blood until the Blood DLC for Shogun 2. That's their excuse yes, Shogun 2 blood DLC was 99 cents now it's 2 dollars and 99 cents which begs to differ that it was infact their plan all along. You can say excuse but just so you know all the Total War games have been blood and gore free on release. Turtle Thai Checkers Program 7.4. Creasy And Resnick Pdf here. It's the direction the series has taken from the jump. The first mod that comes out for all of them is a blood mod. Which you can find for Rome II as well by the way. Art Dabbler 2.1 Update Download.